One-Of-A-Kind Wedding Rings


Jim Dailing Designs specializes in one-of-a-kind custom jewelry and wedding rings, providing uniquely creative designs specifically fit to the style, personality and creativity of his clients. Based in Portland, Oregon, Jim Dailing Designs serves clients nationally and internationally. In addition to custom jewelry design, Jim is an accomplished instructor in metalsmithing, stone setting, sculpture and more.

 ”I work closely with my clients from around the country to design and create engagement and wedding rings that are specifically for and about who they are as a couple. In designing, I seek to reflect their individual styles and stories. For my local clients, I work by appointment, scheduling times which are conducive to their schedules. If the piece is meant as a surprise gift for someone special, I am happy to meet clients on their lunch hour or at their place of work. When one-of-a-kind is important, that’s where I come in. I look forward to hearing from you.” – Jim Dailing

We want to thank you for the wonderful job you’ve done on our rings. With your patience, talent, creativity, skill, and intuition, you created for Greg and I the perfect wedding rings. From the first time we met you, we felt comfortable and like we’d known you for a long time. We are so happy we went through you to make our rings!  Every time we look at them, it reminds us of how perfect we are together, and how much we love each other. The rings reflect our past, present, and future – to have that makes wearing a wedding ring all the more special and meaningful. So we want to send you a special thank you, as who you are and what you’ve done has made a huge impact in our lives. Thank you so much!